As more of our lives are becoming publicly available, networking (the right way) has become imperative to succeeding after college in todays job market.

In terms of social networks, college students at SAC are expanding their online network of “friends” faster than anyone imagined. To build a strong off campus network that can be beneficial to your future, you should have several tips and tricks on hand while living in San Antonio, TX student housing near SAC.

If you take these 5 easy steps when you move into the best student apartments in San Antonio, TX, you’ll be on your way to creating your own networking powerhouse.

#1 Create Your Personal “Elevator Pitch”

In marketing terms, an elevator pitch is a short brief speech that sums up you. Your elevator speech should identify your name, what your educational or future career focus is, and something interesting about yourself, wether it’s location, or why you’re pursuing your focus. Keep it short. Keep it simple.

Every person living in furnished apartments at SAC should have their own descriptive, short elevator pitch ready at all times. This can also be thought of in terms of a Twitter, or Facebook bio.

#2 Use a Personal Business Card

There’s nothing like the fumbling around for a pen and a piece of paper to make you hesitate exchanging information with someone you meet out, or at San Antonio, TX apartments close to San Antonio College.

Create your own business card using any template on Microsoft Word etc., and take it to your local printer, or have them mailed directly to you at your SAC campus apartments. It’s just that simple to make your personal contact info easily accessible with the shake of a hand.

#3 Follow the 80/20 Rule

In order to build strong and quality relationships with people, conversation management is a must while living at university apartments near SAC. When engaged in conversation you want to try to make the other person feel important and honored by asking respectively in-depth questions.

The 80/20 rule means, try to listen about eighty percent of the time and only talk twenty percent of the time. Of course, this is not always an option, but it gives you a good balance to make constructive conversation. Practice this with your fellow neighbors around our San Antonio, TX apartments.

#4 Remember Names

This rule becomes very important as you go through college life at SAC apartments. If you find that you’re not so good at remembering names, then try different techniques like repeating their name in your head for 2-5 seconds, or visualize writing it down.

Chances are, a person will be pleasantly surprised if you remember their name the next time you meet, and your relationship will be improved. San Antonio, TX off campus apartments for rent offers the perfect opportunity to improve your name-memory tricks.

#5 Ask Open Ended Questions

This advice goes right along with the 80/20 rule mentioned above. Take a genuine interest in what the person is saying, and ask them to expand on it.

Asking questions about their career and interests, will let you quickly get to know the person and also might help you learn something. Also, you can ask them about their experience living in SAC off campus apartments, which everyone loves!

If you follow these simple tips, then you’re guaranteed to nail that first impression and be the person you know you want to represent.

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