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A successful academic advising session includes more than just finding out what classes are offered and whether you are taking the right classes to graduate. Many people will have an impact on your academic career. However, out of everyone on campus who will influence you academically, few will be as helpful as your academic adviser.

These three tips will help you make the most of the relationship you have with your adviser:

Understand the role of the academic adviser

Your academic adviser is invested in your successes and persistence in school. Advisers have a wealth of information that can help you if you choose to take advantage of it. If you are uncertain about your major, your adviser is an excellent resource to guide you through this process. If you are wondering what type of career options you might have with a degree in criminal justice, your adviser can provide you with additional information. In addition to all of this, he or she can help with course selection, staying on track toward graduation, answer questions regarding university procedures and provide guidance if you experience academic difficulties.

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