If you want a job, you need to network—it accounts for 70% of a successful job search. Your college’s career and alumni offices can help, but your research will determine whether a connection actually benefits you.

We all know it’s important to network, and your alumni network can be a great asset when exploring career options and launching your job search. Since 70% of a successful job search strategy should be spent networking, follow these tips to ensure that everyone’s time is well spent.

What you’ll learn:

1. Which alumni you should reach out to.

2. What you should and shouldn’t ask them for.

3. Different ways to connect with your fellow alums.

Know What You’re After Before You Reach Out

Focus your efforts by taking the time—in advance—to identify positions, industries, and companies that interest you. This focus will help you identify whom to reach out to, what to ask, and how the alum might be able to help. It will also increase the likelihood of an alum responding, since they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

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