decorating-dorm5 simple tips to go from drab to fab

When it comes to student housing apartments in San Antonio, we know it’s not always easy to express your style in a new place. We’ve combined 5 simple decorating tips to make your place one of the best college apartments in San Antonio.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

By using your existing decor, pick out colors that coordinate well together. When you use basic colors such as black, white, or brown to begin with, it becomes easier to accent with more vibrant colors such as yellow, red, or blue. If you already have a room full of color, try picking out certain colors to use in other parts of the room. The right colors can easily make you have one of the best San Antonio student apartments around.

2. Rug Decor

Most San Antonio lofts lack a coherent decorating scheme, but truth be told, the easiest way to pull it all together is with a fantastic area rug. A rug can compliment the walls, the furniture, and much more; especially if you don’t like the existing carpet, a large area rug can be a great choice. Not only will a rug help tie your room together, but it will also protect the current carpet from stains, or wear-and-tear. (Which will help get your security deposit back!)

3. Rearranging the Furniture

Throw your local San Antonio student housing a curve ball by moving the furniture around the room. When you move the furniture around, you change the feel of the room. So go find someone with a little extra muscle to help you make the most of your San Antonio Lofts.

4. Getting Creative

Decorating with style doesn’t always mean pinching pennies. By going to a craft store or a discount furniture store, you can find inexpensive material for curtains, or knickknacks to dress your San Antonio college apartment up right. For more craft ideas, we recommend visiting for tons of DIY tips and tricks.

5. Wall Decor

Besides using an area rug, wall art is your next essential piece to pulling it all together. If you have any band posters, or local art that you’d like to use, throw it up there and see if it coordinates. You might be surprised at what works. You can find removable adhesives from your local office supply store to avoid permanently damaging the walls.

As far as the apartments close to SAC go, we know you’ll have the most stylish one on the block with these simple tips. We’d love to see your designs! Please share your before and after pictures with us on our Facebook page (