Hello once again, dear residents! It’s almost time for midterms across San Antonio campuses, but have no fear — your Tobin Lofts team is here to help. Whether it’s helpful tips on time management or writing assignments, fun games and free treats at our many delightful events, or even pointing you to your on-campus resources, the Tobin team is ready to support you throughout your college experience. Come by and talk to us — we always love to hear how you’re doing!

College Students Ought to Know: The Right Resource for You

With spring break coming up for many of you, school may have already become an afterthought at this point. Remember, the studying doesn’t end yet! It’s important to keep in mind that with midterms right around the corner, there’re going to be a lot of stressful times leading up to spring break. That’s why you should take some time to visit your college’s academic or emotional counseling services. Stress is a very real and very dangerous thing that can easily overwhelm a person, and these counseling services are made with this idea in mind. Don’t be afraid or think that you’re any less capable for reaching out to them. We all need to talk to somebody about our problems, so why not make it somebody that listens and advises for a living?

Quote of the Month

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


Important Holidays in March

  • Open Mic Night
  • Find the Pot of Gold!
  • Get to know your Team!
  • Pi Day the Right Way

Soft Skills Make a Difference

A positive attitude and the ability to look someone in the eye while giving a firm handshake can truly set two very similar candidates apart in the job process. In this day and age of hiring and recruiting, we’ve been hearing a lot about soft skills, or people skills, when describing a candidate’s interviewing and hiring process. These are the skills that basically allow you to get along and interact with others in a work and social environment. Your ability to evaluate and hone your people skills should be part of your job prep, just as you ensure your resume is clean and typo-free.

An employee should be able to communicate, listen, share ideas, and interact with people (sometimes difficult people) in a way that demonstrates professionalism at all times. During the interview process, while your resume is showing your credentials, you are inherently demonstrating your soft skills. It takes constructive thought to be the person you want to be in the workplace. It doesn’t just happen by chance — it happens via thoughtful awareness, informed actions, and respectful engagements.

The skills of success, such as being adaptable, being positive, having a willingness to assist, and conveying a strong work ethic, are arguably more important than any degree or credential.

For more success tips and resources from Campus Advantage, visit CareerSuccessPortal.com.

When Life Gives You Lemons

If you’re looking for fun and interesting ideas on how to spend your spring break, why not take a road trip? One of the beautiful things about Texas is that Megabus connects most of our major cities, so why not hop on one and visit Austin or Houston for a bit? It’s easy to fall into a routine and let it bring you down when you have the same experiences day in and day out, so use this opportunity to get out and explore the beauty that Texas has to offer. Plus, it’s always more fun to bring friends along! Go and make some lemonade!