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Are you a college student or recent grad who is ready to gain the clarity and confidence to unlock your full potential, so that you can live a life of meaning and purpose? 

This week we received a great update from a live-your-dream-or-die-trying kind of gal who also used to be a part of our StudentBranding team!

Amber Rae is one of the co-creators of The Bold Academy, a 4-week experience designed to prepare young people who are ready to do big things to “change the world.”

“When you’re graduating college, it takes everyone several years of wrong turns and experimentation and good-and-bad experiences to process what they really want,” Amber wrote to me this week. 

I totally agree. After being out of college myself for two years, I can say there is a lot of trial and error, doubting yourself, and a general desire to slow everything down. Sometimes you are screaming for a vacation because you just want some time to take a break from life and figure out what you want to do with it.

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