Here are some ideas for things to do during this summer from the comfort of your San Antonio College student housing and for adventuring beyond!

Some of the things you can do without leaving the student apartments in San Antonio, TX:

  1. Boardgames – Whether it’s a rainy day or not, it’s always relaxing to sit back and enjoy a good board game. It can be anywhere from mentally exerting, like a game of chess, or blissfully mindless, like that puzzle that’s been sitting on the shelf for months. Either way, when you’re in the best student apartments in San Antonio, TX, a game day-in is never a wrong decision.
  2. Read some books – Find a sunny nook in your off campus apartments in San Antonio, TX, and curl up with a good read. The school year often gets too busy and hectic for readings books simply for pleasure – most of the time you spent in your San Antonio College student apartments was probably taken up by homework or sleeping. So take advantage of your free time and grab a book!
  3. Make crafts – Why not spruce up your Tobin Lofts student apartment with a few homemade crafts? There are plenty of ways to do this, ranging from fabric tablecloths and homemade chalkboard signs, to string wall art and personalized lampshades.

Beyond the student housing in San Antonio, TX:

  1. Explore the city! – During the school year, pretty much the only places you go are San Antonio College and your student housing in San Antonio, TX. So hit the roads and walkways and get to know the city! There’s bound to be something you’ve never seen before.
  2. Road trip – Spend the night somewhere other than your apartments in San Antonio, TX for a weekend getaway. Whether you plan it out with friends or you just grab some things and pick a direction and drive, adventure awaits.
  3. BBQ with friends – There’s no better time than summer to have a good old fashioned Bar-B-Q. And what better way to enjoy the weather than to step outside your student housing in San Antonio, TX and grill up a delicious meal?

So with these ideas for both in and out of your off campus housing in San Antonio, TX, you’re armed and ready to take on all your new found free time.

Hopefully you’ll take these ideas into consideration, because at Tobin Lofts we want you to make the most of your summer. Be sure to take some time to relax, whether you’re staying here in the best student apartments in San Antonio, TX or traveling elsewhere!


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