Helpful Tips for Tobin Lofts / San Antonio, TX Apartment Residents, courtesy of LaunchU, the Campus Advantage Resident Success Program.

I was an English major, so it goes without saying that I love words. But, words can also be detrimental. As a job seeker, words can lead to your downfall if you’re not using the right ones on your resume or in your cover letter. As a college student, you’re likely to have summer jobs that don’t match up with your future career aspirations.

Even if you were a waitress, a cashier or a stock manager, you’ve gained some valuable skills that can be applied to your future career. You can also find experience in the work you’ve done with campus organizations, internships and even class projects. Your resume isn’t as empty as you think! Whatever your situation may be, try to figure out how to effectively say what it is you have done. You should translate your experience from one occupation to another–using the right words on your resume is key to getting noticed, recognized and called for a phone interview. Here are some tips for our San Antonio University student apartment residents:

1. Use keywords:
Make sure that you include the appropriate keywords on your resume. Including words that describe your experience and skill that reflect the requirements of a given job description help recruiters find your resume and quickly see how you match the job for which you’re applying. Sites like O*Net let you look up information about specific occupations. Within the description of each occupation is a listing of knowledge, skills and abilities needed for that profession. This is a great resource for finding career-specific keywords to include on your resume to reference your own skills and experience.

2. Understand what counts:
Are you just graduating and think you don’t have experience? Perhaps you’re changing careers and don’t know what’s relevant? Take some time to learn about transferable skills. Understanding how to translate your experience–whether in part-time work, another career or things you did for various college campus associations or clubs–can help you make a connection between your activities and experiences, and the type of employee you’ll be for a company. On campus, your Career Center should be able to help you identify and categorize your skills appropriately on your resume. You can also head to Google and read a ton of information on various types of transferable skills or even use worksheets to help you identify your skills.

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