Four simple tips how to save water and money in your San Antonio college apartments

It’s not always easy making energy efficient changes in a an apartment but we’ve compiled 4 simple steps to make a significant difference in your water and energy bill. These cheap changes can either be taken with you, or left for the next tenant.

1. Low-Flow Shower-head
By replacing an older shower-head with a low-flow shower-head you will use a significant less amount of water. This is an easy fix for student lofts and apartments in San Antonio.

2. Displace Water in Your Toilet Tank
A simple trick for San Antonio student apartments is to find a plastic bottle, fill it with gravel, and place it in the tank. By doing this, you are reducing the amount of space the water can fill in the tank, therefore less water is used. Be assured most apartments near San Antonio College have standard water tanks to do this with.

3. Insulated Drapes/Blackout Curtains/Cellular Blinds
Even the best college apartments in San Antonio can get hot or too cold from a lack of insulation. When you cover your windows with insulated dressings such as blackout curtains, or cellular blinds, it will reduce your heating and AC bills. Conveniently, these can be moved with you.

4. CFL Bulbs
CFL bulbs are Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. CFL’s use significantly less energy, which is about 75% less than incandescent light bulbs. If you use these energy-efficient light bulbs and keep the lights off when you’re not in the room, will save you tons of green in your off campus apartments in San Antonio.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful for your apartment close to SAC. Remember, here at Tobin Lofts we try our best to give you the off campus student apartment lifestyle you deserve.

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