Originally established under the administration of the University of Texas, San Antonio College has gone through a lot of changes over the last 90 years. Established in 1925 as University Junior College, SAC had 232 students who took courses from 46 instructors; today SAC serves more than 21,000 students who seek associate’s degrees in more than 75 programs. Many of these students transfer to four-year institutions or continue with their technical/occupational training. Check out the infographic below to see where you fit in among your classmates and the more than 21,000 students making up the SAC student body.

Information on San Antonio College including statistics, majors, and history.

It’s All in the Name

As mentioned, San Antonio College has gone through many changes over the last 90 years, including three different names. Originally established as University Junior College in 1925, the name was changed to San Antonio Junior College just one year later. In August 1945, San Antonio Junior College became San Antonio College and was moved to the present location on San Pedro Avenue.

The Rangers

Since 1926 San Antonio College has adopted the Rangers as its mascot after the school’s newspaper was dubbed the “Junior Ranger.” After some design variations over the years, the Ranger began to look mean and was not considered representative of the school, so in 2014 students voted to find a new spirit figure, the “Gnome Ranger.” The change was a long time coming, after initial controversy surrounding the Texas Rangers came to light years ago.

Since its inception San Antonio College has grown to be one of the largest single-campus community colleges in the state of Texas. During your time at San Antonio College make sure you take advantage of all of the resources available and make the most of your time. Whether on campus or off there are plenty of ways to get involved at SAC and you may just become one of the school’s next notable alumni, joining a group that includes U.S. Representatives, state senators, and more.